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Norman speaks frequently  about his books.  He is a member of the  Jewish Book Network appearing at Book Fairs around the country.


Most recently he spoke and signed at the Second National Rosenwald Schools Conference in Durham, North Carolina sponsored by the National Trust for Historic Preservation and at the University of Connecticut Bookstore.


In  June 2018, Norman spoke at the Annual Convention of the Association of Jewish Libraries in Boston at Temple Israel. 

His latest book is The Shelter and the Fence: When 982 Holocaust Refugees Found Safe Haven in America  published

by Chicago Review Press. It tells the exciting story of 982 refugees brought to America by President Roosevelt in 1944. They came to Fort Ontario in Oswego, New York escaping Nazism. Their stories are powerful examples of human survival and hope.

Recent appearances:

January 18, 2022. Virtual appearance at the San Antonio Public Library, 7:30 PM, EST.

May 20,  2023. Lecture at the Camden Community College, Cherry Hill, NJ








"Frankly, it is rare to find an author that can both write and speak with an equal appeal to his audiences. Clearly you have transcended the norm!"
"All faces were fixed on you and loving every word! How wonderful..."
"The history you presented peppered with humorous vignettes of historical figures made your talk not only extremely informative but also enjoyable. Also, your love of this subject showed through in your presentation and your excitement was contagious."

Norm with Terri Goldich, Curator of the Northeast Children's Literature Collection at the University of Connecticut at the book launch for Schools of Hope.
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